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Frequently Asked Questions

What is this program “Physicians making house calls ? How does it work ?”

Physicians deliver comprehensive medical services right to your home or workplace. We have restarted the delivery of home health care for modern times. Simply call our office staff day or night and a physician will be scheduled to come to your location within one week to care for your medical needs. It’s that simple.

What areas do you go to ?

What medical services do you provide ?

7 Hills Healthcare Physicians offer convenient medical care for most common illnesses and minor injuries. We specialize in fall prevention for senior citizens and workers alike. We also provide care for chronic illnesses such as high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, COPD, obesity and pain management.

What is the cost ?

Our home visits are covered by Medicare if you are a Medicare card holder with part B, Medicaid and other Medicaid subsidiaries and PPO insurances. We do offer a self pay rate if uninsured.

Do you have a medical clinicss ?

Yes. We do have affiliate physician staff that can provide you with complete primary care needs including cancer screening and routine health maintenance.

What should I have ready for the physician at each appointment ?

Please have your current insurance card and a photo ID for all initial home visits. Be prepared to confirm your address and telephone number. This is necessary to ensure that we have your current demographic information. All your medications or medication lists should be sent to the office before the visit to save time during the initial visits.

What if I forget my insurance card ?

What is your appointment cancellation policy ?

Appointments cancelled less than 24 hours in advance will be charged a cancellation fee. The fee will vary based on the length of the appointment. This charge is not covered by insurance.

Can I email my physician ?

If you are signed up for our Patient Portal you will be able to securely send a message to your physician's care team. Either the physician or a member of the care team will view the message. These messages are not meant to replace an office visit and are not meant for questions that require an immediate answer. You may be charged for medical advice given through the Patient Portal.

Are the physicians accepting new patients ?

Yes we are currently accepting new patients.