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Medical Weight Loss Program
Lose Significant Weight in a Safe Physician Supervised Program
7 Hills Healthcare Center offers a physician supervised weight loss program dedicated to helping you achieve long term weight loss success with the use of FDA approved medications, vitamin injections and physician diet counselling. Our physician supervised weight loss is a safer, easier and you will see better results than a fad diet or over the counter diet pills. During the program you will be under direct supervision of a physician who will help educate and promote lifelong solutions for managing your weight.
What to Expect
At your first visit, you will fill out a registration and health history form. We will check and record your blood pressure, pulse, height, weight and body mass index. For our program we require blood work and EKG to make sure it is safe for you to be on medication. The doctor or nurse will then discuss diet, exercise, and the medications with you. Based on the information provided to us and the results of the medical exam you will be administered a month's supply of medication in our office that best suits your need. All patients need to follow up at least once a month to track your weight loss progress and to obtain a new monthly supply of medication. However, we ask that you return every two weeks for a vitamin b12 injection for optimum results. The initial visit can take 30-45 minutes and follow-up visits take about 15-20 minutes.
Medications typically prescribed in our office consist of appetite suppressants and vitamin b12 injections 1000 mcg (boosts metabolism and gives you energy). However, we have the ability to offer a vast variety of other weight loss medication to best help you lose weight because what may work best for one individual may not be the best approach for the next.
Insurance Coverage
We accept most insurances which will help cover your visits, injections, blood tests and EKG. We do not accept insurnace for medications, these costs need to be paid at the time of visit.
f you have anymore questions or need to setup an appointment please feel free to contact our office at 847-428-2273 to discuss in further detail.
If you find it difficult to get to our office contact our House Call Coordinator to set up a Home Visit (847) 428-2273.
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